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Visual Novel Machinery is an Unreal Engine plugin made for Creators to allow them to focus on developing amazing stories without the need of coding.

This whole framework takes care of everything, so the only thing left for you to do is creating images and writing the story. Visual Novel Machinery takes care of the rest.

There is a a video tutorial series showing off all features of the plugin. It can be found here.


  • Full node-based dialog (text and choices)
  • Get Player Text Input
  • Beta: Support for loading/unloading 3D scenes
  • Support for playing background music/sound effects/voice overs
  • Support for displaying CGs
  • Support for displaying CGs in a gallery
  • Support for displaying scene background images
  • Support for displaying character (2D/3D)
  • Support got renaming characters
  • Support for displaying different emotions (images/3D animations) for character
  • Image layering system, so you can add different layers to scene backgrounds/CGs/2D characters on the fly
  • Save file system that also saves member variables of the currently active dialog
  • Persistent data save file system
  • Customized blueprint editor for dialog blueprints which also supports all nodes found in normal blueprints
  • Character/Scene memory system (save variables for a specific character/scene and access them later on)
  • Beta: Choice/Dialog Scenes Graph Widgets, to display the user what paths are available in your visual novel
  • Beta: Support for YarnSpinner.  Import .yarn files and convert them directly to dialog blueprints
  • Beta: VNMScript, a scripting language that also allows you to write your dialogs in a text editor and import it to Unreal Engine

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux (Should work on other platforms as well)

Documentation: Link
Example Project: Link

If you have any questions, come join the Discord for the plugin here.


Buy Now$99.99 USD or more

In order to download this Unreal Engine Plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $99.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Visual Novel Machinery 1.8.1 for UE 5.3 534 MB
Visual Novel Machinery 1.8.1 for UE 5.2 482 MB
Visual Novel Machinery 1.8.1 for UE 5.1 755 MB
Visual Novel Machinery 1.6 for UE 5.0 2 MB
Visual Novel Machinery 1.5 for UE 4.27 2 MB
Visual Novel Machinery 1.5 for UE 4.26 2 MB
Blank Project Template (BP) 85 kB
Blank Project Template (C++) 88 kB

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